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White Honey Geisha, Holiday Release - 6 oz

White Honey Geisha, Holiday Release - 6 oz

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2017 Special Holiday Release: White Honey Geisha whole bean coffee

Producer: Roger Urena | Farm: Hondura | Mill: Santa Teresa | Region: Santa Maria de Dota | Altitude: 1900 MASL | Varietal: Geisha | Process: White Honey

flavor notes: passionfruit, sherbet, rose


What is Geisha?  Geisha is an Arabica plant varietal, once an Ethiopian heirloom. It was brought to Costa Rica and naturally mutated somewhere between the 1930s - 1960s.  For years, Geisha was overlooked due to low yields and poor adaption to variable climates, but because of its resistance to leaf rust, it was later brought to Panama, where it was rediscovered and soon became the most prized coffee varietal in the world.  Geisha coffees are valued for their delicate floral complexities and intense sweetness.